Do you have conflict at work?

Good conflict is healthy. Bad conflict can create negative stress, lower morale, higher staff turnover, poor productivity, recruitment difficulties and lower margins. Wise Training can help

Create a healthier, safer workplace. For over 13 years we have trained people in how to manage workplace conflict, improve personal safety, control stress, increase morale, promote mental wellbeing and enjoy their jobs. Visit the pages on this site for tips and more information

Conflict Management

Manage verbal abuse and harassment

Breakaway Training

Protect your staff from physical attack

Morale Index

Improve staff morale

Young Healthy Minds

Protect children's wellbeing

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Wise Training topics include:

Conflict Management
  • How to keep safe at work and elsewhere
  • How to develop risk assessment for all
  • How to manage verbal abuse and harassment
  • How to live with bullys
  • How to break free from holds and grips
  • How to use safe physical interventions
  • How to keep manage working alone
Mental Wellbeing
  • How to measure and improve workplace morale
  • How to improve children's mental health
  • Are you healthy enough to lead?
  • How to build a successful, happy team
  • How to live with stress and improve wellbeing
Special Training
  • How to reduce manual handling injuries
  • How to negotiate and mediate succesfully
  • How to perform well in court
  • Train Trainers