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Cut Absenteeism, Improve Morale, Protect People From Violence At Work, Improve Mental Wellbeing For All, Avoid Litigation

Welcome to Wise Training. Since 2002 we have supplied a range of training and consultancy services designed to help organisations, their staff, students and visitors improve personal wellbeing and safety.

There is no doubt that by implementing a duty of care strategy across the board organisations will see happier safer employees and end users. Indeed UK legislation imposes a legal duty on employers to do so. Absenteeism will reduce, injuries and compensation claims will fall, stress levels will be cut, morale will grow and employment costs will diminish.

On these pages you have free access to the advice and tips we share with the organisations we help. Browse the pages for information that you can use immediately to develop your policy, procedures, risk assessments and training programmes.

Our main training programmes and services cover:

Our consultancy and training services are based on best practices developed in duty of care environments. They take account of the law relating to Health and Safety regulations, Human Rights, Harassment and Assault. Clients include NHS, Schools, FE Colleges and Universities, Retail, Management Colleges, Lawyers, Care Homes, LEAs, Insurance Companies, Construction, Power Supplies, and Leisure

To maintain our strong tradition of training excellence, we only use specialist trainers who are able to deliver training in a dynamic and interactive style. We have Teachers, Social Workers, Health Care specialist, HR and legal experts on our trainer’s list.

We also work closely with you, the customer to ensure the training relevant and unique to your particular experiences and training needs.

For more information about any of our training courses or services please use the reply form on the right, email or call 01582 792875